Urgent: A new, renewable 10-year visa for these nationalities equal to the rights of an Emirati citizen. Your chance is now

When an organization or nation changes its policies, there may be a number of reasons for doing so, including economic, social, and even strategic ones. However, when the United Arab Emirates announced the golden residency system, it sent a clear message about its future plans and its confidence in foreigners and their beneficial contributions to Emirati society.

A new ten-year visa in the UAE

Golden Residence

Golden residency is not just a regular residency, but rather an opportunity for people who want to invest their energies and skills in building a bright future in the Emirates.

The expatriate individual is given the freedom and security to live and work in the Emirates without worrying about renewing the residency from time to time, as the residency lasts for ten years, and this in itself is a qualitative leap.

The many advantages of golden residency

It is not just time or stability, as golden residency brings with it a set of wonderful benefits, such as canceling the requirement to be absent from the country for a long period. In addition, the maximum number of support workers has been canceled, which gives the expatriate the flexibility to bring in the work team he needs.

As if these benefits are not enough, the UAE has granted the golden residency holder a multiple-entry visa, which facilitates his international travel and work.

There is no need for a guarantor and security for the family

One of the most prominent features of this residency is that the expatriate does not need the presence of a guarantor or host, and in the event of the expatriate’s death, protection is provided to his children by allowing them to remain in the emirate, which ensures the continuity of the family’s normal life.

The golden residency system in the Emirates represents a bold and advanced step towards enhancing the role and appreciation of expatriates. It is an invitation to everyone who sees themselves as part of the social and economic fabric of this country to make their mark and contribute to the elevation and progress of the Emirates.