The Cooperative Training Program application period is now open, according to the Saudi Central Bank.

An introduction to the Saudi Arabian Central Bank

Central Bank of Saudi Arabia

Formerly known as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia

(The Saudi Arabian Kingdom's Central Bank)

was founded in 1952 and goes by the name SAMA.

It is the most serious and capable regulatory organization for the banking industry in the Gulf area and serves as Saudi Arabia's central bank.

And, according to the Central Banks Committee, the top risk manager among central banks worldwide for the academic year 2018–2019.

Ayman Al-Sayyari is the bank's current governor.

who was chosen to lead it as governor

Overview of the Saudi Bank's past

The kingdom lacked an independent financial system at the time SAMA was founded. Commercial transactions were conducted in foreign currencies.

Saudi Arabian money is also silver. As a result, after being established, SAMA's initial duties were to create a banking system and issue a national paper currency. Additionally, SAMA expanded the banking industry, provided banks with a system, and controlled their operations.

It was changed into the Saudi riyal in March 1961. SAMA concentrated on reducing inflation in the 1970s and 1980s while the Saudi economy expanded gradually.

The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia announced the opening of applications for the third semester (2023 AD) cooperative training program for university students in the following departments:

Required majors

- Majors in engineering across all areas

English language majors, legal majors, and other relevant majors - Majors in finance and accounting - Majors in administration across all of their branches - Majors in technology across all of their branches