Advantages of working at Al Rajhi Bank:

- The employee's and his legal dependents' health insurance

- Housing and travel reimbursement - An additional basic wage during the month of Ramadan- Employee loans and advances in conformity with bank policies. Annual rewards. 30 days of paid yearly leave. - Locally and internationally accessible, intensive, and specialized training programs - Competitive pay

Jobs at Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia in 2023

A brief introduction to Al-Rajhi Bank

Saudi Arabia's Al-Rajhi Bank was established in 1957.

One of the largest joint-stock banks, Al-Rajhi Bank with a capital of (40 million Saudi Riyals).

Al-Rajhi Bank first began operating in 1957 A.D.

 The Al-Rajhi Bank has more than 50 years of expertise in the field of banking and business operations.

In 1957 AD the Al-Dirah area of Riyadh saw the opening of the first branch of a bank for males, while the Al-Shumaisi district saw the opening of the first.

In 1978 AD, multiple organizations with the name Al-Rajhi merged under the umbrella of Al-Rajhi Banking Company.

Benefits of joining private banking:

Card Mada Infinite

Financial solutions _ Distinguished transfer limit _ Investment goods and services

Available positions at Al Rajhi Bank

- Sales Advisor

- Requirements for Telesales Representative

(No expertise necessary)

- Bank janitors

- Security personnel

How to apply

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