Best Jobs in Europe for International Citizens

jobs near me Are you considering moving to Europe? For many expats, the idea of ​​living in Europe is a lifelong dream. However, if you plan to work while you're there, you should know what to expect. You can't just move there and expect to find your dream job.

Working in Europe as an Expat

The labor market in Europe is quite competitive. If you don't have marketable prospects orskills, finding a job will be difficult.But if you're smart, competent, educated, and hardworking, you can do it.

Working in Europe can be exciting and offer a variety of new opportunities that you never thought were possible. But you should know what you're getting yourself into before you set off.

Read on for our list of the top five jobs for international citizens in Europe.

Jobs for English speakers in Europe

Did you know that there are 24 “official” languages ​​in the European Union?That may sound like a lot, but it does not end there. There are dozens of other languages that are spoken regularly throughout the western and eastern countries of Europe.

Yet, with all of that diversity, English prevails. No, it is not the official language in every part of the world. But it is the language you need to know if you want to get a high-paying job in an English-speaking country.

And that need opens the door for native English speakers to use something they already know.

There is often a need for

English teachers, but it is necessary to be able to do more than just speak the language. As this is a highly competitive field,it is best if you are bilingual: Spanish, French, Russian, German, or other languages ​​widely spoken in Europe. Being bilingualonly increases your chances of getting a job as an English teacher.

While the job does not requireadvanced degrees, it does require some specific skills.If you are thinking about becoming an English teacher in Europe, now is the time to take the first step. Set yourself on the path to success by earning your TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

Computer Science jobs in Europe for digital nomads

With a degree in Computer Science, chances are you can find a job anywhere in the world. Software development and information technology jobs are in high demand around the world.

For expats looking to advance their IT careerss, Germany is Europe's hub for technology and innovation.It is the perfect choice if you have years of experience and degrees in advanced technology. Check out our list of the best cities in Germany to work in for more information.

IT jobs are also great for anyone looking to work remotely. As an expat in a new country, many IT jobs give you the opportunity to work from home (or from anywhere in the world).

Healthcare Careers in Europe for Expats

Many European countries have excellent healthcare systems, so finding jobs for doctors and nurses can be easy. Compared to doctors working in the US, doctors in Europe have more opportunities to provide their patients with the care they need. In many countries, they don't have to deal with the bureaucracy of hospital systems and health insurance carriers.

Depending on how long you intend to stay in Europe, you may want to use a recruitment agency to find you a suitable job. If you contact an agency, you can get even bigger rewards, like a car and temporary housing to get through the first few weeks.

Medical News Today has a great article on workingas a medical professional abroad if you are looking for more information.

Engineering Jobs in Europe for Expats

In addition to computerexperts and healthcare professionals, engineers are also in demand. With an engineering degree and experience, you can enjoy good job security in Europe, especially in big cities.

Europe is home to some of the best research institutions in the world. From civil engineering to chemical engineering, there are many options.

In Germany, the city of Frankfurt has the most impressive number of engineers in the European Union. If you prefer France, visit the city of Lyon. For expats who prefer the culture and lifestyle of Spain, the city of Bilbao is home to more than 125 companies in the engineering sector.

Digital marketing jobs in Europe for international citizens

Many of the jobs on this list require specific skills, particularly STEM skills. Digital marketing is not one of those jobs.


Experience is necessary, but what makes or breaks you as a successful digital marketer is your work ethic. You may have fewer specific skills in this area than those required to enter IT, healthcare, or engineering. But you have to be at your best to be truly successful in the industry.

One of the best parts of working as a digital marketer in Europe is that, in many cases, you can keep your job in the United States or in your home country. Digital marketing is the perfect job for anyone who wants to live their life as a digital nomad.Just like web development, you can get your work done from almost anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

Works in Europe: summary

Before you decide to move, do some research to find the best city in Europe to move to.

If you have a STEM background, you should have no trouble finding a job as an engineer or IT professional. Anyone with experience in healthcare should have the opportunity to get a job as a doctor or nurse.

Do you have marketing experience?Consider digital marketing, which you can do from any city you want. And if you're passionate about education, taking online classes or working as an ESL teacher is a great option.

Before making any hasty decisions, check with your current employer to see if they are open to the idea of ​​working abroad. Ifnot, browse the European job boards to narrowyour search and focus on the cities that offer the most opportunities for you. Check out our partner, Europe Language Jobs, for opportunities to work in Europe.

And remember, once you've found a place that's a good fit for you, you should take some time to research local visa requirements to ensure you're allowed to enter.